Futuristic Block Village

This project was the show opener of CAT (Creative and Technology) conference in NY. The piece combines stop-motion and a generative application to create a futuristic block village all in a LCD screen.

A striking piece from Mekanism.

“I think one of the initial ideas was Teressa really wanting something playful, and that kind was kind of a jumping off point to start thinking about the treatment, and how we might be able to go about doing it. That’s where the idea of building blocks came in; in a way it’s like the art of play.” Emmett Feldman,Mekanism



Production/VFX Company: Mekanism
Creative Director/Motion Graphics Artist: Emmett Feldman
Graphics/Animation Programmer: Gabriel Dunne
Sound Design: Jeremiah Moore
Graphic Assistant: Matt Carvalho
EP: Jason Harris
Producer: Elizabeth Morse


~ by The owner on September 10, 2009.

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